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Beautiful Belize

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Belize is one of those countries you just have to see for yourself. I first visited Belize last year and had the opportunity to visit again last week.

I want to help you out on your Belize excursion so I have jotted some useful notes to help you maneuver your trip to make sure you have the best trip ever.

  1. It costs $50 Belize Dollars ($25 USD) for 2 people to catch a cab from the airport to the ferry.
  2. If you are visiting Ambergris Caye, make sure you rent a golf cart and drive the hour ride to Secret Beach, you wont regret it.
  3. If you want a true island feel, stay on Caye Caulker. It is an extremely small island filled with cheap local food (lobster, seafood, etc), very low cost massages, and tons of souvenir vendors.
  4. Don’t have a tight schedule. Leave room to just go with the flow and enjoy your visit to this beautiful country.

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Wanderlust Hostel needs YOUR help!

As you all know, I am opening a hostel in Houston, Texas summer 2017 and we need your help!
The hostel will sleep 40 people and be located within a 10 minute walking distance from the Houston Metro system. In order for me to secure a particular piece of property, I have to get certifications, licenses, and pay certain taxes which totals about $5,000. I started my campaign  Wanderlust Houston Hostel  to raise this money and I have a little over 35 days to get it done.
So where do you and others come into play:
1) Donation
2) Sponsor
3) Invest
1) A donation is a short term gift towards the major goal of 5k! All donations help overall!
2) Sponsor: If you are looking to receive a tax write off and sponsor a business, this is a great opportunity! You will sponsor at least half of the project ($2,500) and receive free hostel stays, a spot on the hostels website for the first 2 years of operation, and you will be able to name one of the rooms at the hostel!
3) Invest! If you are willing to invest the total project of $5,000 the owner (Deidre Mathis) will be willing to discuss a payback schedule (i.e. 1% of gross income for the first 6 months of the hostel openings PLUS the initial investment. The hostel is currently projected to profit $275,000 in the first 6 months which makes your payback: $7,750 ($5,000 PLUS $2,750)
Thanks for your time!

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Hostels & Me…HI Sacramento Travel

What are some of your requirements for items for you bring while staying/traveling in hostels? For me, my 7 must have items are : soap, towels, wash cloth, shower shoes, pillow case, coins for vending machine, and a lock to get my valuables safe in the provided lockers. 

Recently, I visited Hostelling Internationals Sacaramento, CA hostel. Here are some photos:  


It was such a beautiful, eclectic building and I had a great time visiting. The hostel was close to tons of great restaurants and the capital building.

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Hostel International and ME! A relationship meant to BE!

I have had the opportunity to travel to over 25 countries thus far and during half of those trips, I have utilized HOSTELS! I stayed in my first hostel in South Korea years ago and have been hooked ever since~

I am even working on starting my own hostel business in 2017…

So it was a pleasure when Hostelling International USA asked me to be on their “Community Hostelling Committee” and to also become a volunteer in the Houston area where I will be doing monthly travel presentations.

I am happy to be working with this amazing organization, getting the word out about hostels, and helping people have the opportunity to travel the world.